He is Our Life

“But He is our life, our bread. When we try to feed and nourish ourselves with anything else, we stumble.”  Hilary’s words a reminder as I contemplate the previous week. A week that felt very mediocre.

They remind me – Eucharisteo.

How closely giving thanks is tied to learning and trusting He is sufficient. How easily we stumble when we seek that sufficiency in anything else.

I thought after a year that giving thanks would be more habit. And in some ways it is. I’ve decided though that it is a battle to keep the mind set on “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)

Isn’t that what giving thanks is? Keeping our mind on the good things and learning to give praise to our Creator for them?

He is our life, but we so easily forget this when the world pushes in distracting our minds with thoughts that are untrue and unlovely.

And just as Hilary says this is when we stumble. We have days where we aren’t who we want to be. Days when clouds seem to hang low over our souls and we wonder if we’ll ever become who He made us to be, if we’ll ever find our purpose.

It’s so easy to lose our focus, to forget to slow our minds and give thanks for even the smallest of gifts.

It seems I write about this again and again.

 It is a battle. There will days when we can’t muster the energy to fight it. Those days we stumble. At the end of those days there is mercy and grace and rest. Grace enough to begin anew the next.

For it is only through fighting this battle are we able to trust that He is sufficient, that He is our life.

777. For morning moonlight steaming through the window. (12/19/11)
778. For paint and canvas. (12/19/11)
779. For rainy days. (12/20/11)
780. For a husband who works so hard to provide for us. (12/20/11)
781. For the last knit throw in Pottery Barn. (12/21/11)
782. For winter at the Botanical Gardens. (12/21/11)
783. For being able to take Sam to Highland’s main campus for the first time. (12/21/11)
784. For an amazing Christmas service at Highlands. (12/21/11)
785. For my van not overheating in traffic. (12/21/11)
786. For a quiet day at home. (12/22/11)
787. For Christmas eve at Highlands Auburn. (12/24/11)
788. For birds singing outside our window on Christmas morning. (12/25/11)
789. For a lazy day. (12/27/11)
790. For online conversations on iMessage & twitter about faith. (12/27/11)
791. For piles of laundry. (12/28/11)
792. For waking up to sunshine and blue skies. (12/28/11)
793. For fog over the lake. (12/29/11)
794. For seeing the man in the kilt at Starbucks. (12/29/11)
795. For Chris making it through the server project at work. (12/29/11)
796. For conversations with Jenn, Stacey & Preston. (12/29/11)
797. For birds singing on a mild December day. (12/30/11)
798. For words flowing. (12/30/11)
799. For hiking the trail with Sam. (12/30/11)
800. For leftovers and not having to cook. (12/30/11)
801. For Chris getting another good night of sleep as he recovers from working all night. (12/31/11)
802. For blue skies and sunshine. (12/31/11)
803. For warm blankets to cover up with. (12/31/11)
804. For a church that laughs. (1.1.12)
805. For van repairs and good customer service. (1.2.12)
806. For my DroidX dying and getting to upgrade to iPhone. (1.3.12)
807. For the sunset flaming across the sky. (1.4.12)
808. For a neck rub from Chris. (1.5.12)
809. For Sam singing made up songs to himself as he gets ready for school. (1.6.12)
810. For lunch with Karla. (1.6.12)
811. For lazy Saturdays. (1.7.12)
812. For Highlands. (1.8.12)
813. For birds singing in the rain on a warm winter morning. (1.9.12)
814. For clouds and moon. (1.9.12)
815. For having a phone again. (1.10.12)
816. For naps after a restless night of sleep. (1.11.12)
817. For sunshine after dreary days. (1.12.12)
818. For a good night’s sleep. (1.13.12)
819. For waking up to sunshine. (1.13.12)
820. Being free to worship. (1.15.12)
821. Sunset streaking sky blue, pink and purple. (1.16.12)
822. For energy, motivation and breath to run/walk four miles. (1.17.12)
823. For a good night of sleep. (1.19.12)
824. For four miles and getting the house cleaned. (1.19.12)
825. For energy to paint and scrapbook. (1.21.12)
826. For safety through the storms. (1.23.12)
827. For art lessons. (1.24.12)
828. For birds and crickets on unusually warm winter days. (1.26.12)
829. For frustrations. (1.27.12)
830. For cake. (1.28.12)
831. For feeling able to walk without nauseousness. (1.29.12)
832. For understanding leaders. (1.29.12)
833. For paint and canvas and art teachers. (1.30.12)
834. For unhurried days. (1.31.12)
835. For Karla. (2.1.12)
836. For just enough energy to get on a treadmill instead of nap. (2.1.12)
837. For a bit of sunshine. (2.4.12)
838. For naps. (2.5.12)
839. For a good night of sleep. (2.6.12)
840. For an unusually warm winter keeping the heating cost down. (2.6.12)

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