His Creation Will Sing

The bird sings his solo outside my window as the horizon fills with sunrise. Singing once again that His mercies are new each morning. Reminding that even when we fail to give thanks His creation will still sing. Reminding that He gives enough for this day.

Busy days distract my thoughts. Unfocused. A poor excuse keeping me from counting the gifts. From listing each one.

So I slow myself and think of the past week.

766. For four miles after a week and a half off. (12/12/11)

767. For waking at 3 a.m. to pray. (12/13/11)

768. For words flowing. (12/13/11)

769. For milkshakes. (12/14/11)

770. For four miles. (12/15/11)

771. For coconut cake. (12/15/11)

772. For birds not yet flown south singing outside my window. (12/16/11)

773. For quiet crickets chirping. (12/16/11)

774. For sunshine pushing clouds away. (12/17/11)

775. For seeing Elizabeth perform in A Christmas Memory at ASF. (12/17/11)

776. For the hot now sign. (12/17/11)

777. For morning moonlight steaming through the window. (12/19/11)

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