Hit or Miss


Well hello there. Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA the past couple of weeks. We are officially on summer break so things will be hit or miss here on the blog. I’ll be chauffeuring Squirt to golf for the better part of the month so I’m giving myself permission to take a bit of a breather from blogging. I’m sure I’ll be posting some, but most likely not on any normal schedule.

Changes are coming to the blog also. At some point this summer I’ll be switching blog hosting and platforms so much of my time will be spent learning all I need to for that move. I had thought of changing the blog name, but I’m still not sure. Brainstorming that and sketching out the design I want for my header. Lots to think about and work on.

I’m also planning to start on a writing project. And giving my mind a break from the blog always helps me write more. Usually when I say I’m taking a break I end up writing something I want to post here.

I’ll still be around on twitter and plan to tweet links to some of my older posts here.

I appreciate all my readers and I hope you all have a wonderful summer!


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