Hitting the ground running…

Today was the first day of school. Thus the first photo. And what do I mean by ‘hitting the ground running’? Well, we both did when it came to the first day of school. I never expected to substitute teach on the first day of school, but I did for half a day. And it went well. Boy am I exhausted though. In a good way. Tomorrow I plan on finishing the house cleaning and finishing up some scrapbooking projects I hope.

and our science experiment that is still residing on the kitchen counter. according to the book a stalactite should be growing in the center of the yarn between the two glass jars. well, it’s not exactly working exactly like it said, but forming near the rim of one of the jars. It’s also formed all over the jar. I missed taking a photo on days 3 and 4, (I may have forgotten to post here for day 2) but here are days 5 and 6. It’s been interesting to watch and has shown Sam that he needs patience. And of course that is a good thing. 🙂

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