I have to give props…

to Toyota. You see, I have a Toyota Sienna which I dearly love.  Yes, I know it’s just an object, but it was so nice when we first bought it and DS was little not to have to pick him way up or bend over to get him in his seat. And it has everything we need in a vehicle. Not long after the warranty ran out the back rear lift gate struts (or the things that hold the rear door up) started wearing out. I took it to the dealership where we purchased it to see about having them fixed. I take it back to the dealership for every service because of the great customer service we have experienced with them even though they are over an hour away, but my parents live near there so it’s not really inconvenient.  I wasn’t too fond of the back door closing on me or my son when we were putting things in it. Those struts are quite expensive, but the dealership didn’t feel like they should be wearing out that soon so they did a good faith claim and I only had to pay $100 compared to the $500 or so it would have cost. This was over a year ago when I had these fixed. I did express my concern to them that Toyota should consider a recall on these since my son or I could have been injured if we hadn’t caught it when it started falling on us. Well a couple of months ago I received a notice from Toyota about this exact same thing in the mail. It wasn’t a recall, but a notice stating that they were going to take care of this had any problems arisen even after the warranty. It had instructions for sending in the receipt and proof of ownership in order to get my money back.

Today I received a check from Toyota for $100. So even though in the beginning it cost us a bit more than another brand in the long run it has paid off. Just a happy note I wanted to share. 🙂

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