It’s 6:20 p.m…..

as I type and I’m ready for a nice bubble bath and bed. Yes, I know it’s only 6:20p.m., but let me explain.

First I must ask you to do the following. Please don’t read this as I’m complaining. I’m not. How the day played out was a bit annoying, but all in all it’s pretty darn funny in a Murphy’s Law kind of way.

I have a Toyota minivan. I love my minivan. I know. Maybe not cool, but I really don’t care if others think I’m cool or not. And in case you didn’t fully understand. I. Love. My. Minivan. I have had it for 5 years and I hope to be driving it for another 5 or more years.

Hubs and I have a pretty strict policy that the vehicles are always serviced by a dealership with the exception of tires. (Prices of tires at a dealership are overpriced.) But other than the tires anything done to our vehicles is done at a dealership. I know some of you may think this is crazy, but usually the price isn’t that much more and as my dad has found out sometimes it’s best just to go there first or you end up spending even more money fixing what the other mechanic did wrong.

Now I know there are some great local mechanics in the world so I’m not dissing those amazing local mechanics and I wish them well.

Now back to my story. We do our best to do regular routine maintence on our vehicles and being 5 years old my van has a good many miles on it so it was time to replace the timing belt. Heaven knows I don’t want to know what happens when a timing belt goes out and how much that might cost. So off I go to the dealership up near my parents which happens to be just over an hour away from me. (Yes, a downside to living in a small town is you are an hour from anything.) I called yesterday and they said it would be between 4 and 6 hours to do. I leave early and get there early enough so that it should be finished in time.

I take things with me to keep myself busy. I’m pretty patient and I don’t mind waiting if I have something to do and I didn’t want to have to call my mother to come and get me and then take me back. Especially not in the rain. And I needed to be home in time to pick up the Squirt from school and take to piano lessons.

After about an hour the service manager came to me and says “This is not what you’re going to want to hear.”  Just lovely. Turns out a lot has to be removed to get to the timing belt. One of the bolts on the motor will not budge. Won’t turn, won’t move, nothing, nada, zip. They are going to have to break it to get it off.

So I’m thinking okay, what’s the catch? They don’t have a replacement bolt. They can have one there first thing in the morning and it will cost another $50. But of course after the price you have to pay to replace the timing belt, what’s another $50?

I ended up having to call my mom anyway. (There is a reason I have my van serviced at a dealership close to a relative.) The plan was for her to come pick me up and take me to her house where I would get my dad’s vehicle and drive it back home. Then tomorrow I would drive back up after my photo session and have my mom take me back to the dealership to pick up my beloved minivan.

So I get the keys to my dad’s car. Get in and nada. Dead battery. All this in the pouring rain. Which is fine since as I told my mother I’m not sweet enough to melt.

(Oh and daddy if you’re reading this do not worry. We’ll get it taken care of. I’m sure your nephew knows how to plug in a battery charger which is more than I can say for your eldest daughter – that would be me.)

So I’m now driving my mom’s car. I’m not complaining. I am utterly grateful for a mom who would come get me and let me borrow her car and drive it an hour and a half home. I’m very thankful for 4 wheels and an engine.

If all goes according to plan my precious van will be ready early tomorrow afternoon and I will be back home in time to pick the kiddo up from school.

So all that to say, please have a laugh at my expense. I mean you have to laugh at the luck of it all. The best laid plans….

I’ll be catching up with my photos a day and of course photos from my trip as soon as possible. In the meantime I’m contemplating (in my dreams) moving here although you might want to check that link out once morning comes so you can get a better idea.

So, tell me. How was your day?

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