Latest Paintings

I had to wait to post our latest art here since the paintings were Christmas gifts.

This first one I did for my parents. It's of a little building that used to be in a field on my great grandparents farm. They called it the cotton house.  I'm also posting the photo of it below that was taken years ago before it fell in.  All the paintings were done in oil pastel on paper.



This one the kiddo painted of Denny Chimes at the University of Alabama for my in-laws who are huge Alabama fans.


This last one I've shared before, but I never shared if or who I would be giving it to. Somehow I managed to let go of the painting of the Golden Gate Bridge which after having it framed was very, very hard. My sister and I both love San Francisco so she is lucky she got this. I'm seriously thinking I'll have to do another one for myself. So here it is after framing. I normally only like to frame our art with white mats and black frames, but it didn't work for this one and when I put this frame sample around it I knew it was perfect for it.


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