lego chess

A few years ago I bought a kid’s chess set. It came with a book explaining how each piece could move and why they moved that way. Needless to say he caught on fairly quickly and I learned a bit in the process as well. He now has 3 chess sets. The original one I bought, a Pirates of the Carribbean set, and now a lego set. Yes. Lego. And so of course after putting him off for a day I told him I would play a game with him. I think I’m a bit impatient to play chess too seriously.On the up side though he is really learning to think ahead to how the other player could move. So I’m sure I’ll have to be a good mom at least a couple of more times this week and play with him again.

On another note, we are buckling down this week and getting back into the school year bedtime routine.  Only one week before we start school. I can’t believe the summer vacation is over already. Yes, it is cliche but time really does fly. Getting back into a routine will be harder for me than him I think. Keeping my self disciplined enough to get him started on the bedtime routine is difficult. But we’ll manage. We really need to do it this week so we don’t struggle as much the week school starts.


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