lego land

DS has really been into legos lately. Of course DH has bought several sets for him that have the directions for him to build a castle, etc. DS has done really well with sitting down and reading directions and building them. He’s very patient with it, sometimes taking an hour or more to do it. So last night after his bath he started building again. And this time not with the predetermined sets, but with just a big box of assorted legos. He built a “neighborhood”. He built for 2 hours and was up until 10 pm. Thankfully we are out for Fall Break or else I would have been all over him to get to bed. He brought his two parts of the “neighborhood” to show me and I was a very proud moma. Then he brought another one in to show me and told me it was the one his daddy built. It was a 4 walled building with one window. I told him I thought his were much more creative than the one his daddy built, though not in a way to demean my DH. And to this he replies in a whisper “yeah, it is kind of boring isn’t it?” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. So here is a portion of his creations. I didn’t quite get it all in the photo. I’ll probably go back and take one from above later. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be an architect one day. And later this weekend I’ll post some photos that DS took with a little point and shoot camera. My little photographer in training.

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