Life with a Preteen

Parenting a strong willed artist child isn’t for the faint of heart. If I ever manage to get Christmas cards sent this year friends won’t see the frustration of me begging and pleading for a real smile and almost pulling my hair out as a result. They won’t see my sister tackling him in efforts to get him to smile.

I guess most children at this age find the camera shyness. During these tug of war days as he creeps closer to teen-hood.

No friends and family won’t see the images of goofy faces and crossed eyes or the back to the camera just as they won’t see my aggravation with him that appears almost daily as we muddle through this gift called parenthood.

But then there are those moments. Moments so small they can be easily missed like walking into the bathroom to see a clean counter. Clear of his toothbrush and contact paraphernalia usually left strewn across during his bedtime routine.

Maybe we’re getting somewhere after all.

Yes life unmasked is filled with mommy moments of hair pulling, but thankfully small gifts do occasionally appear. So today I’m sharing a rare post with photos of my Squirt. The outtakes that will not be seen on the card. But outtakes are none the less real life.

And family reading DO NOT tell him you saw these which will spare me at least one preteen meltdown.

Life: Unmasked

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