Listening to Lately

Up & Vanished podcast
The first season of this podcast investigates the missing persons case of the young Georgia beauty queen and teacher Tara Grinstead who vanished in the fall of 2005. It hooks you in the first episode. You may catch yourself binge listening this podcast.
The Lazy Genius podcast
I’m late to the party on this one. I started listening to Kendra Adachi (aka The Lazy Genius) & reading her blog last fall. I want to be her friend or personal assistant. Either is fine. Except she doesn’t live in Alabama. Maybe a virtual assistant? Her post on doing a bullet journal sold me on trying a bullet journal this year. And her Instagram stories are great. I love how real she is.
American History Tellers podcast
Okay I’m a nerd. I love learning more about history but let’s face it. Most history books are snooze fests. I love a good history documentary though. And American History Tellers is like that. It dives deep into specific eras like the Cold War and you learn so much that you would never read or learn about in high school history.
Chatologie with Angie Elkins podcast
Chatologie is a faith based podcast where Angie chats with various guests. I love the name but don’t think it’s shallow chatting with these guests. The conversations make you think.
The Bible Binge podcast
This is a new podcast from two of my favorite podcasters Knox and Jamie from the Popcast. Think bible stories you heard growing up in church meets pop culture.
And of course the two podcasts that started it all for me, The Popcast & What Should I Read Next, are still the two I listen to religiously each week.

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