Little Passports


A few months back I won a giveaway over on Mom Most Traveled. It was a 3 month subscription to Little Passports.

Little Passports is such a great idea and a fun way for your children to learn geography and facts about other countries.

With their first package they receive the suitcase along with a letter from Sam and Sofia. Sam and Sofia are friends who find a magical scooter. Included is a large fold out map of the world so they can learn to identify where the countries Sam and Sofia visit are. They are able to travel to a new country each month on their magical scooter and they share their experiences with your child.

Each month later your child receives a package in the mail (and what child does not love getting their own mail – at least until they grow up and start getting bills in the mail right?). Each package is filled with all sorts of fun activities for your child: a photo of Sam and Sofia in a new country, crafts (our Japan on had an origami activity kit) as well as access to the online Boarding Zone with games and activities. There's also a puzzle for your child to figure out where Sam and Sofia are going next.

I was worried that my almost 10 year old was getting too old for it, but he loved it! So much so that I'm considering renewing the subscription for his birthday.

So if you need a great gift idea that is more than just a one time gift check out Little Passports. I think you and your child will love it. It would also make a great gift to give your child's teacher. A gift she could use with her class each month for a few months that I think they would all love.

Disclaimer: While I did receive the giveaway from Mom Most Traveled and Little Passports I was never asked to promote it in any way. I am writing this post simply because I think it's a great gift idea for children.

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