Mercedes Marathon 2011

I’ve never witnessed any part of a race. My sister has run a few half marathons and I’ve always wanted to go to get some photos. So when she mentioned she was running on a relay team to raise money for The Bell Center in the Mercedes Marathon I decided to go up. I have no illusions that I will ever run even a 5K, but I have to say it was amazing to see that many people running those distances.

As I waited with my sister at her exchange point the leaders of the marathon came by. Her exchange point was about 9.2 miles into the race. The race began at 7:03 a.m. The leader passed us at her exchange point at 7:50 a.m. Forty-seven minutes to run over 9 miles. Just wow.

With the beautiful weather we’re having this week I’m transistioning to running outside. I feel like I’m having to start over building up my endurance, but I’m not letting myself get discouraged. I did it when I started running on the treadmill and I can do this. As I’ve run this week I’ve had some thoughts about running that I plan to share in a few days.

For now I’m sure my little sister will thank me for posting these photos for all of my readers to see.

This first photo is of my friend B. I love her expression here. She has the best attitude. She ran the half marathon.


This is my sister right after she began her leg of the race.



Here she is almost finishing her part.


The hand-off.


My sis with her husband who ran the first leg and her best friend who ran the second leg.


The whole team met up with the last person to run to cross the finish line.



And of course one with Squirt. Who by the way thinks his Aunt Whit is crazy for running that far. He’s so much like me.


Do you run? Have you ever ran a 5K or marathon or anything in between?

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