Monet at the High Museum

So last week I found out that the High Museum in Atlanta had a Monet exhibit on loan from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take Squirt. My sister and I had seen the 42 feet long Clouds Reflecting on a Waterlilly Pond by Monet while we were in New York in February. It's absolutely amazing. Just the sheer size of it took my breath away the first time I saw it. And it did Squirt's too when he walked into the room where it hung in the High Museum.

We drove up to Atlanta on Friday afternoon. When we arrived at the Marriot Suites in Midtown we checked in and drove down to the parking garage to park.  As I was checking us in the clerk told me they were having 'brown outs' in the hotel, but that the elevators were working and everything upstairs was working. Okay. No problem. After we parked and went to the elevators to go up the elevators would not work. Of course we are a little disoriented in the parking garage and aren't sure which way to go. We call up and they sent someone down to help us find our way up.  I have to say the service at the hotel was very helpful.

We get back up to the lobby and there are 3 or 4 firetrucks in front of the hotel. We are then told the elevators are out of order until the "brown out" is over.

Okay. Shouldn't be a problem you think? Well, unless you want to walk up 12 flights of stairs it's not. So we asked to change rooms to a lower floor. We got a room on the 3rd floors. Squirt thinks the excitement with the firetrucks is awesome. Oh and they were there because when the power went out someone was stuck in the elevator.

So we decide to walk to a nearby street that my sister told me had lots of restaurants. As we are walking I see this building below.


I automatically think of Rachel and a post she had on her blog. Her husband helped with the building of this building and she was able to go to the top and had posted about it. It's such a cool building and really pretty at night. We eat and head back to the hotel to get some sleep.

The next morning we get up and head to the High Museum.


The museum didn't open until 10 so we walk around the area and grab a quick bite at Starbucks for breakfast.  Norfolk Southern's offices have a train in the window. Of course my boys enjoyed seeing it.


Cool sculptures. Really liked man/human made up of little stick people.

Aug222009_0038web Aug222009_0043web Aug222009_0045web

I'm not sure I'd like to live in a busy city, but I did enjoy the architecture of all the buildings on this quiet Saturday morning.

Aug222009_0037web Aug222009_0036web Aug222009_0041web Aug222009_0039

We head back to the High Museum so I can take a few photos before taking the camera back to the car. Just FYI you can take cameras into the museum, no flash is allowed  and photos aren't permitted in the borrowed exhibits. You have to get a photo pass at the security desk before entering with a camera.  I decided I didn't want to carry the camera around for that length of time so I just stashed it back in the car.

Aug222009_0047web Aug222009_0051web Aug222009_0052web Aug222009_0054WEB

I loved this 3-D house on the lawn of the Museum.


They did allow camera phone photos in the Monet exhibit, but luckily at the MOMA in New York they do so I'll share it here again.  It really is magnificent. I'll be back with more of our visit to Atlanta tomorrow.

New-York_Feb052009_0942web New-York_Feb052009_0941web New-York_Feb052009_0940web New-York_Feb052009_0943web

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