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May 25 – Memorial Day – The clouds poured rain most of the day.


May 26 – The kiddo woke up Monday with a breakout on his face. I thought it might be chicken pox (again), but after a trip to the pediatrician today it was impetigo and an antibiotic was in order.


May 27 – We traveled to my hometown to attend the deployment ceremony of my dad's guard unit.  My dad giving his men directions at the end of the ceremony.


May 28 – The buses pull out with my dad's unit. DS had to give his Pop one last hug.


May 30 - Went to a dance recital to see my best friend's daughter.


May 31 – The trap DH puts out to catch the racoons and possums that come in our yard caught a fox.  It was a fiesty thing. DH finally was able to use a pole to get the trap open and propped it open. The fox eventually walked out of it and returned to the woods.


June 1 – A local youth group is doing a fundraiser where they take this "crazy cow" to a business. In order to get the "crazy cow" moved you have to pa y $5.00 to have it moved to another business and the other business doesn't know they've been hit until they show up in the morning and a the "crazy cow" and note awaits them. Really a fun aspect of small town life.  This morning it showed up at my chiropractor's office which is located across from our church. Of course it had to be my photo of the day.


June 2 – Vacation Bible School – Some incredible people in our church built this train to decorate the stage at our church. It went along with the theme of Boomerang Express. I took photos of each child sitting on the train for their photo keepsake.


June 3 – DS finished up an oil pastel, an underwater scene, at art lessons this week. And a close up of one of the fish in it.

Jun032009_0004web Jun032009_0005web

June 4 – Another rainy day forcing me to head back indoors at our church's family life center to get my walk in for the day.


June 5 – Getting some sewing done for my etsy shop.


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