Foothills & hay
I sigh looking at more piles of laundry. Feeling like I had just washed yesterday although it had been four days.

Some days I wish there were more of me to go around. One pulling me in this direction. Someone else in another. Most days I maintain the balance, but then stress gets added  and I wish I were more and could do more.

But I can’t. It’s on these days I really don’t need to be more or do more. On these days, no really every day, I simply need to ask for more. Not more as in material things, but more as in focus and words and strength and grace. I’ve learned when I don’t feel there is enough of me to do all I need to do to take care of my family or enough of me to spend time doing the things that feed my spirit or the work I need to do, those days I ask and He never fails to give me more. More of His grace so I can accomplish what I need to accomplish.

So I slow down and give thanks. And breathe. Knowing that when I am not enough He is always more.

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