Movement & Battle

The lake barely moves. The most gentle waves ripple toward the pier. Almost dusk, boats and others make their way in for the night. Soon the surface will be almost smooth. Shoreline and sky reflect off the glass of the water. My favorite time of day on the lake. Calm and quite replace the sounds of the day. Sound carries easily across the inlets and slews. These are the sounds you are supposed to hear these sounds of summer.

But I find the calm and quiet as the day draws to a close and the movement of the water slows the most peaceful.

And this is how my soul feels when I count each grace. When turmoil fights to be heard I should know to step back and seek out the graces, the gifts, and be thankful. The movement of my spirit peaceful.

We must fight to live eucharisteo. To live in gratitude for all the little moments so often overlooked. Seeking the graces is a battle even after being made a habit. Too many noises fighting to reign in our minds. Fighting to distract us from each moment He gives.

It’s the counting and listing that best defend against the noises.

An altar of earth you shall make for me and sacrifice on it your burnt offerings and your peace offerings, your sheep and your oxen. In every place where I cause my name to be remembered I will come to you and bless you. Exodus 20:24 ESV (emphasis mine)

It’s a daily battle. Days I move through life forgetting to seek and count. Even after one thousand found and listed there are days where this habit feels as if it is slipping away. Days when the listing doesn’t come more subconsciously.
I’m beginning to believe that the battle to continue listing is part of the journey. Perhaps that is how it should be. Would we take for granted their value if they did not have to be sought after?

Counting the Gifts
997. For a field of sunflowers. (6.21.12)
998. For birds singing. (6.21.12)
999. For a cool breeze and covered porch when the air conditioning is out. (6.21.12)
1000. For how hard Sam works to grow his gift of art. Even through his complaining he keeps trying. (6.22.12)
1001. For a peaceful afternoon at the lake. (6.23.12)
1002. For an early morning walk and words forming. (6.24.12)
1003. For the sunset. (6.24.12)
1004. For wind blowing on a hot summer morning. (6.25.12)
1005. For Sam’s courage. (6.25.12)

 What graces did you find this week?

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