My Daddy’s Hummingbirds

My dad loves hummingbirds. LOVES them. He spends many hours sitting in his rocking chair on the porch watching them. And the hummingbirds have no fear of him and regularly come within inches of his face.

He has several feeders that he refills every day during the warmer months. At any given time he has 5 or 6 feeders out and the hummingbirds drain them all every day. There may be more than 50 hummingbirds some days and perhaps more.

Of course he adds extra sugar to the nectar. The poor things are drugged and keep returning for more.

Last summer the feeders stayed put away. My mother wasn’t able to keep them filled up each day so my dad never put them out. There were times when the hummingbirds would come and hover in front of the kitchen windows when she was standing there like they were asking where the feeders were.

Hummingbirds must have incredible memories though. Because as soon as my dad arrived back from Iraq he put the feeders out and the hummingbirds flocked back.

So with the arrival of my new baby I decided to work on my patience and try to get some photos. These little suckers are difficult to get a focus on, but thankfully I did get a couple of good shots.





071710_0233 071710_0237





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