My October Window View

Gazing out my window I lose myself in October Blue skies. The blue so blue it begins to hurt. Autumn is different this year though. The same blue skies are the only reminder of Autumns past.  The scorched earth begs for rain. Grass crunches under my feet. Its green withdrawing into itself for protection. Protection from the drought of summer & against the upcoming cold of winter.  

Apt, for life feels as much these days.

Summer bringing a dichotomy of growth yet dissatisfaction in this place. No longer content with second hand knowledge, man made rules and traditions.

Fall ushering retreat, even withdrawal. Steeling myself for struggles inevitable with change.

But, as with every season of nature, it is to prepare for the wonder and beauty of the next. So I wait. I wait with trust. I wait with obedience. I wait with hope. I wait for I know God is with me and I know he will bring a Spring beyond what I can imagine.

I'm particpating in Window Views over at Moonboat Cafe this week.

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