My Sis and Her Prince

I've been meaning to post these photos for months now. This is my sister and her dog, Prince. He used to be her main prince, but just after these photos were taken a new prince stepped into her life and the canine Prince has moved to #2. On July 4th he gave her something sparkly that wasn't fireworks. So my Squirt is excited he's going to have a new uncle and we're in the process of trying to bribe him to be in the wedding. And yes, I'm doing the crazy thing and being the photographer for her wedding.

Whit&Prince_Nov272009_0017 Whit&Prince_Nov272009_0057 Whit&Prince_Nov272009_0075 Whit&Prince_Nov272009_0085 Whit&Prince_Nov272009_0097 Whit&Prince_Nov272009_0099 Whit&Prince_Nov272009_0139

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