The Name is Staying


So the blog name is staying. I am however considering changing my twitter name to my full name. I have always gone by Amy Kiane online. Kiane is my middle name and it is so unique I have always loved it. (I’m researching it and plan to write about it here soon.) I have some ideas and hopes though causing me to think maybe it would be good to change it to my name that everyone knows me by in life. Still thinking through it as of now.

When I posted about changing the blog name my twitter and blog friend Preston Yancey replied that he wanted to think about the name change, that Ordinarily Extraordinary seemed so right. Preston has been such an encouragement to me in my writing. His writing never fails to make me think and wonder. God has given Preston an amazing gift with words. So later that day I asked him why it ‘seemed right’ to him? This was his reply.

“Because when I think of Amy, I think of quiet, home, fires, simplicity, wood floors. These are ordinary things, made extraordinary.”

Then when he posts something like this in his Formica Friday about my blog and writing…well you can see why he is such an encouragement. (You have to scroll down a bit to read it.)

Thank you Preston. You made me remember why I chose the name in the beginning. While the focus and purpose of my blog has changed the heart behind Ordinarily Extraordinary hasn’t. I still want to see the extraordinary in what most see as ordinary.

As I said in a recent post  “For these ordinary moments of our days can become extraordinary in His grace.

Several other friends also replied they liked Ordinarily Extraordinary so after much thought and some prayer the name is staying. Thank you to all my friends who gave suggestions and their thoughts.

The next month or so will still be a bit quieter than usual here as I begin the switch to the new platform and hosting and take care of some other projects on my list as well as simply enjoying what remains of our summer. I hope you’ll keep checking back. I appreciate each of you who read and I can’t wait to share the words God is giving me and the plans I have for the new blog. Thank you all so much for being a part of my journey!


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