New York City – Day 6 (continued) & Day 7

After leaving the Statue of Liberty we decided to visit the World Trade Center site. We found it easily after getting off the ferry.  The area was fenced off with construction, but we did visit The National September 11 Memorial and Museum. It was a strange feeling seeing items and photos from that day. There was an entire wall filled with the missing persons flyers famlies had put up after that day. It was difficult to look at.  They are rebuilding. There will be a beautiful memorial on the footprints of the buildings and a new building is being built. When it is finished it will be the tallest building in the world. If you look closely at the left fencing in this first photo you can see the rendering of it. You can also click here to visit the renderings of the Memorial's website.


The fire station directly across from the WTC site.


Do you see all the cranes and equipment? There was lots of building noises coming from behind the fencing.


This statue on the corner across from the site was a moving reminder.

New-York_Feb062009_0862web New-York_Feb062009_0863web New-York_Feb062009_0864web New-York_Feb062009_0860web New-York_Feb062009_0865web New-York_Feb062009_0861web

While wandering around downtown (we got a wee bit lost at this point, but don't worry we ended up near the police station and asked one of New York City's finest how to get to the subway) we saw the Brooklyn Bridge.

New-York_Feb062009_0868web New-York_Feb062009_0869web

After our little detour downtown and finding the police station and city hall (not sure why I didn't take photos of those) we took the subway back to the Flatiron district. I wanted to see the Flatiron Building. What an interesting building!

New-York_Feb062009_0872web New-York_Feb062009_0876web New-York_Feb062009_0881web New-York_Feb062009_0885web

And this last one is one I took of it from atop the Empire State Building.

New-York_Feb062009_0888web New-York_Feb012009_0078web

And of course while I was there I had to take some photos of that part of NYC.

New-York_Feb062009_0874web New-York_Feb062009_0875web New-York_Feb062009_0887web New-York_Feb062009_0880web New-York_Feb062009_0886web New-York_Feb062009_0893web New-York_Feb062009_0890web

After hopping back on the subway we headed back toward uptown to visit the Guggenheim Museum.  One of the buildings designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, it is a fascinating building. My suggestion though is to save your money.  Definitely see it from the outside and walk in the lobby and look up at it's amazing design, but then walk out unless very modern art is your taste. It's not really mine and my sister and I decided we were in the wrong line of work (or we just don't know the right people) because we could definitely create works of art like we saw.  So unless you are a fan of very modern art, save your money.

New-York_Feb062009_0894web New-York_Feb062009_0898web New-York_Feb062009_0900web

So after our long day of sight-seeing we went back to our hotel and started getting packed for our trip home the next day. We ate dinner at an italian restaurant near our hotel and had a really good pizza. The trip home was uneventful except for the two frat brothers (at least their maturity level didn't indicate otherwise) that were quite annoying talking about the various times they got hammered and the girls they tried to seduce. Other than that nothing of interest happened. I'll leave you with a few randome photos from NYC and one from the plane window. Thanks so much for listening to me document our trip. I'm so glad I have it all documented now even though it's been over a month since we returned home. Thanks for letting me share and if you happen to be visiting NYC and have any questions I'll be glad to try and answer them. I'm not an expert, but I learned a lot exploring the city.

New-York_Feb042009_0407web New-York_Feb012009_0012web New-York_Feb012009_0013web New-York_Feb012009_0013web New-York_Feb012009_0120web New-York_Feb022009_0141web New-York_Feb022009_0147web New-York_Feb022009_0153web New-York_Feb022009_0276web New-York_Feb022009_0302web New-York_Feb012009_0017web New-York_Feb012009_0016web Feb072009_0026web