On Waiting – 5 Minute Friday

I've been participating in Five Minute Friday over at The Gypsy Mama for the past few weeks. The task is to stop for just five minutes and write. Not the easiest thing for me. I'm a slow writer still trying to overcome the need for it to be perfect the first time. So these may not be my best work, but I think this is a good exercise for me to do each week

On Waiting 

So much time I spend waiting. Waiting on the rainy week to end. Waiting on the sun to come up on sleepless nights. Waiting on inspiration to strike.

Our son isn't always the most patient of children. Not many are right? In disciplining him to be patient I'm reminded of how patience is learned. It doesn't come overnight. Sure there may be some who are just naturally more patient, but I think for most of us we don't like waiting. Part of that spurred on by our culture and part by our human nature. Think of the disciples. They wanted an earthly king and couldn't quite grasp the concept of a spiritual savior in the beginning could they? 

What about us? Isn't waiting with patience something we have to learn? Isn't it a discipline? A characteristic we have to allow him to grow within us? 


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