Our Words Carry Hope


I have always loved to write. Even at the age of just learning to write letters on the page. The freshness of a new notebook held such possibility. It was only later that the blank page paralyzed.

As I grew I discovered the movies in my mind through stories and novels. Through poetry and song – beauty. I love the written word. Words hold power.

Somewhere along the way I lost my love of writing. Part can be blamed on the pressure traditional education puts on the technical aspect instead of the creative. For a perfectionist who wanted to get everything right the first time it suffocated creativity.

Thankfully as God has changed me and as He is growing me He’s given me back the words. It’s a gift.

What am I discovering through the gift of these words? These words. They hold hope.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. — 1 Thessalonians 5:11

They are difficult to write, these words God gives me. Opening up, allowing vulnerability often frightening.

As I write I find healing. Exorcising my demons if you will. And I discover more about what makes me the way I am.

All so a gracious God can show me my worth. So He can change me. So He can show me who He has made me to be. So He can give me the words to write the story He has for my life.

What still amazes me; what blows my mind every time, though, is that He will use the words if I’m willing to share them.

I struggled to write this post from last week. I’ve always been the type to hold my feelings in. I never want to weigh anyone down with my own melancholy. I was always the strong one. I don’t need everyone asking if I’m okay. Thus always being wary of opening up too much. But last week I felt I needed to. To share a bit of how my teenage self felt.

To watch how God used those words. To hear friends thank me for sharing. That God is using my words to help them. And to see how God used those hesitant words I wrote to bring even more prayer and even hope to a situation. It. Blows. My. Mind. Why my words? Why me? What is of worth in my boring story that I can offer?

I am grateful. I am humbled.

We may write to exorcise our demons and work through those issues that haunt us.  Don’t be surprised that with the hope God gives you through your words if He also uses them to shine hope to others.

Our words, whether for ourselves or for others,  carry hope.


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