Counting these graces, these gifts, is a hunt. I have to search for them at times. Others I have to simply open my eyes to see them right in front of me. I’ve also learned that if I just ask God will pour them out. And when this happens He always surprises me. I’ve wondered why I’m always surprised and I’ve come to realize it’s simply grace. Because usually by the time I ask I’ve begun depending on myself and failed somehow which never works. Yet He sends the gifts. Gifts I don’t deserve yet still He overwhelms me with His grace.

114. For a sleepy quiet class that hasn’t quite adjusted to the time change either. (3/14/11)

115. Ibuprofen (3/16/11)

116. A husband who takes our son to school. (3/17/11)

117. Motivation to work on a project – an old window now a jewelry organizer. (3/17/11)

118. My chiropractor. (3/17/11)

119. Orange glow of the morning sun coming up over the trees. (3/18/11)

120. Green of the evergreen trees against the blue sky. (3/18/11)

121. Leaves beginning to bloom on the trees. (3/18/11)

122. Hearing kiddo digging through his boxes of legos on a Saturday morning. (3/19/11)

123. Walking around neighborhood with Chris to get photos of the super moon.  (3/19/11)

124. Sweet fresh bathed baby hug from Lilli. (3/19/11)

125. Birds performing a symphony as the sun rises outside our window. (3/20/11)

126. Worship at Highlands. (3/20/11)

127. Birds along power lines. (3/20/11)

128. Question from a friend & the text conversation that followed. (3/20/11)

129. Words pouring out on on the page. (3/21/11)

130. Opportunity I had been praying for unexpectedly appears to share something of my story with a hurting friend. (3/21/11)

131. An email from a Blog reader who is originally from the same area as I grew up telling me what a blessing it was to find my blog with pics of her hometown. (3/21/11)


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