great teachers

I’ve had many wonderful teachers throughout my years in school and college. Mrs. Johnson who took my entire 3rd grade class (30 something of us)instead of letting us be put in a split class (half one grad and half another grade) for 2 years in a row. (And yes I went to a very small… Continue reading great teachers

Surprise Mail

When I got the mail out of the box after dropping my son off at art class I found an envelope addresses to “mama”. I opened it up to find this…. He had written it on plain notebook paper and put it in an envelope and addressed it himself while spending the night at his… Continue reading Surprise Mail

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When I Grow Up

I am a scrapbooker. I am a writer (detailing/remember the little things and the big). I am a photographer (hobbyist, but still…). Growing up I wanted to be a writer. I loved to read and still do. So being a writer was a natural extension of that I think. In junior high school I discovered… Continue reading When I Grow Up

nature’s wonders

As I was substitute teaching in second grade today I looked out the window to see hundreds of dandelion seeds being blown by the wind. I made the children stop what they were working on and look out the window. There were so many it almost looked like bits of snow. It just reminded me… Continue reading nature’s wonders

My First Post

So after a year of thinking about it I finally decided to start a blog. Reading scrapbookers, writers, and photographers blogs reminded me how much I love to write. So I hope this will get me to writing more again and help me get down all those things that happen through my day that I… Continue reading My First Post