Photo Play: Chop It Off

I discovered the High Calling Focus blog through Kelly Sauer. I found her blog and photography through twitter somehow.

The photo play at High Calling Focus this week is “Chop It Off.” When I read the post I knew I had the perfect photos that I took while Squirt and I were waiting around for my sister and her team to finish the Mercedes Marathon last Sunday.

Squirt hates to have his photo taken these days. (I’m sure that disappoints the grandparents since there aren’t near as many pics of him on the blog these days.) So I was trying to sneak some photos of him as we were waiting by shooting from my hip without looking through the viewfinder. I did get a couple of complete shots of him, but this one is my favorite.


These are a couple of others that I like. Of my pink converse sneakers. Of course you can’t tell they are pink because I’m in a very black and white mood with my photos lately, but they are. I loved the cobblestone sidewalk we were on.

0213_0045BW 0213_0040BW

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