Piano Practice

Five afternoons a week I sit down with Squirt to help him with his piano and guitar practice. We have lessons one afternoon for an hour each week and we take one day a week off usually. As tough as it is some days it is one of my favorite parts of the day. That and listening to him sing while he gets a bath each night.

It’s not always his favorite part of the day. He doesn’t understand why I push him with the music. I know one day he will so I gently push. I don’t pressure him to do anything else, but I digress. I have another blog post started with all God is teaching me through that, but we’ll leave that for another day.

He doesn’t like it when I video him. Says it makes him nervous and he messes up, but today I insisted. I need a freakin’ psychology degree to understand this child of mine most days.

So this is mainly for the grandparents and an aunt and other family members. And if those family members could do me a favor and NOT mention to the Squirt that you’ve seen this? (In other words, Pop, do not tell him you saw this video.) That’d be great. It would save me some drama and hopefully a few less gray hairs on this 37 year old head of mine. Thanks.