I'm sure I'll quit blogging photos of the new kitten at some point.  Dots has settled in quite well as the newest member of the family.  We had forgotten how playful kittens are.  He's always chasing a ball or toy or something across the house. And if his purring is any indication of how happy he is then he's the happiest little fella around.

I couldn't choose just one photo for the photo of the day for August 1. He hops up and sits on the computer desk and is fascinated by the mouse's arrow on the screen.  He thinks he can catch it. He also saw the ceiling fan in action for the first time yesterday. The last 2 photos are of him watching it.

KittenDots_Aug012009_0001web KittenDots_Aug012009_0005web KittenDots_Aug012009_0007web

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