Pop, Fireworks, Getting Wet & Flowers

Kiddo was so excited to see his Pop! My dad was able to come home for a couple of days after being away since May 28 training to go overseas. He and the kiddo love the porch swing. Snapped this one of them without them realizing it. They were in deep conversation about something, probably military related.

July 3 – POTD – Porch Swing with Pop.


My original plans for going to a fireworks show changed.  DH didn't want to drive to the big one near us so we stayed and watched his brothers & the neighbors shoot off some fireworks. I wasn't able to get the shots I had envisioned. Just didn't have the space to get a wide enough shot. Still got a few though. I love this shot of the pier, lights and moon though. And other than resizing for web it's straight out of camera. I love how the sky turned out in it. I used a narrower aperture to get the starburst effect. And of course a couple of fireworks shots for good measure.

July 4 – POTD

Jul042009_0029web Jul042009_0050web Jul042009_0035web

On Sunday, we stopped by my in-laws to check on my mother-in-law and 3 of the cousins were there. They decided to swim, but the kiddo didn't want to. He didn't mind goofing off on the diving board though and just as his dad told him he was going to fall in, he lost his balance and fell right in. He's strong enough (like his daddy) not to go under though so thankfully we didn't have to dive for his glasses. The whole episode was quiet funny. He even laughed about it.

July 5 – POTD – Getting Wet


I'm really proud of my flowers and herbs.  Loving the bright red flowers and the pop they give to my porch. Not to mentioned amazed we have kept them alive for a month now. Of course the kiddo has really been helping a lot with the watering. Especially after the snake incident (I'm still having nightmares. Hey no judging people. Serious phobia at work here.) Trying to figure out how to keep the herbs alive through the winter. Any thoughts?

July 6 – POTD – My flowers are still alive. It's a miracle!


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