September Swimming

For the past three weeks DS has spent an hour each Tuesday and Thursday at our local hospital’s fitness center participating in a swim strokes class. It was nice that he could get some swimming in while he improved on his strokes. Today was the last class of this session and the only one I thought to get my camera. Fortunately the camera was in my van along with extra batteries. (The ones in the camera were dead.) I’m glad the class is over. He enjoyed and did improve some of his strokes, but the twice a week was getting difficult.  I only used my point and shoot camera to take these and the first two were facing toward a wall of windows. I think the second one is my favorite though. I just love the light. Thinking I might have to enlarge it.

Oh and can you believe this is my 492 post? Think I’ll have to do something fun for the 500th post. 🙂




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