Small Town Life – #1

I grew up what most people from the south would call "out in the middle of nowhere". No traffic lights, we weren't even considered a town. Just a rural community. But to be fair, there were places even farther "out in the middle of nowhere" than we were. The nearest town was 7 miles away. The nearest small city 12 miles away.

When I married my DH we moved back to his hometown. We've lived here almost 12 years now. And we do love it. Moving from the nearest grocery store being 8 miles away to being 2 miles away is something I am thankful for.

Technically, we're a city with a population of about 15,000, but we do have a very small town feeling to our fair city. (I'm not sure about the technical differences of a town versus a city. I know that some of it has to do with what type of government you have, but I'm not sure what impact population has on it either.) And sometimes that small town atmosphere comes with lots of quirks and idiosyncrasies.

One of those quirks? The post office closes at noon on Wednesdays. Do you know how many Wednesdays I've pulled into the post office, hopped out of my vehicle, opened the door to the post office to realize that they are closed? With the P.O. boxes being available around the clock there are almost always cars in the parking lot during the day so it can be deceiving.  You would think after all these years I would remember this little tidbit of info.

So do you live in a small town or were you raised in a small town? If so, what were some of the quirks or oddities of your small town life?

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