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Parenting. Let’s face it. Did any of us really fully understand what we were getting into when we became parents?

Joy is beginning a new blog meme today. Life Unmasked. Often we come away from the virtual world of social media with the image that life is all roses for most people even though we all know that no one has it altogether.

So my Life Unmasked for today? Parenting.

Some days I just don’t like being a parent.

Like on the days I lose it with my child. On those days that I become that screaming mother I pass judgement on in Walmart yelling at her child. Except I did it in private without the audience of a superstore. Still. It’s no different.

I don’t lose it very often with him. But then there are times when the planets align and not in a good way.

No I didn’t spank or beat my child, but the verbal barrage wasn’t good either. And sometimes that is even worse.

No one tells  you that this little person you love more than life itself can make you so frustrated and angry. How their immaturity can cause so much distress.

How is that possible? How can you love someone so much and at the same time become so utterly frustrated with them?

No one warned me about this part of parenting. There is no manual giving specific instructions on how to parent your child and their personality and how it might clash with your own personality. What works for one child may have no effect on another.

So he cried and I cried. I asked for his forgiveness and then I asked for His forgiveness.

We talked about how he needs to make better choices and think through his actions and reminded him how much I love him no matter what choices he makes.

I listened to Him as He healed my heart with grace.

And in the meantime I pray He will stand in the gap where I fail and continue giving me grace for the parenting of this amazing gift He has given us.

Life: Unmasked

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