Soft Cookies

My mother-in-law has been pretty sick lately, had some blocked arteries and plenty of complications. The doctors have figured out what is causing the issues with her arteries (not plague related) and have started treatment. Yesterday though she had to have a by-pass surgery. Needless to say it's been difficult to concentrate and stay on task the past week. Everything went well and she should be on the mend if all continues to go well.

Last night the kiddo was talking to my mom on the phone and she must have said something about his other grandmother. I overhear him telling her the following. "She makes the best cookies. They are so soft. Even after a couple of days they are still so soft."

He loves my mother-in-law's cookies. Now don't think she starts from scratch unless you consider Nestle Tollhouse pull apart and bake cookies starting from scratch. (I'm not judging because I absolutely consider pulling those babies apart and putting them on a sheet homemade from scratch.) Whatever she does he thinks her cookies are the end all be all of cookies. If I ever buy cookies to bake he never fails to tell me they are not as good as Granma's.

Thankfully he's not picked up on just how sick his Granma has been. He adores all of his grandparents and they each have a special activity they do with him.  Granma bakes him soft cookies and plays board games and card games with him. As intelligent as he is he just knows Granma's been really tired and that he's missed her cookies.  I have a feeling once his Granma has recovered sufficiently enough he will have some of those soft cookies he loves so much.

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