Some Day “May” Be….

this was the sentence that DS had to finish for an art project at school this week. They were to write their own ending to this sentence and draw a picture for it on a flower shape. Here’s his. I absolutely love it. I love how detailed he was with his drawing and he has big dreams. We’re almost finished with school. Just one more day.¬†Even though we are very ready for summer break for some reason it’s always a little sad at the end of the school year. It’s a time of change and moving away from a teacher you’ve grown to love and who has grown to love your child to a still unknown teacher for next year. This year will be especially apprehensive as we move to another campus in our school system. New teachers, unknown teachers, new responsibilities¬†and a new environment. I’m sure it’s scarier for me that it will be for him. Part of that whole learning to let go thing.


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