Something you might not know….

…..about me.There are four old shows that I love to watch. I go through phases of watching three of them: Leave It to Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, & Welcom Back, Kotter. I haven’t see Kotter in a while though. The TV powers that be go through phases of showing it I think.

But the fourth one I could watch every day and that show would be MASH. I haven’t caught it for a few months though becaue the Hallmark Channel doesn’t show it at 10pm anymore, which in all honesty is probably a good thing since I couldn’t fall asleep until I watched at least one episode of the 4 they would play between 10pm and midnight. All 11 seasons are on DVD now. I’ve thought about buying them but I really don’t think I would ever just sit down and watch them considering I rarely ever sit down and watch a movie. So I’ll just continue to hapharzardly come across it while surfing the channels.

Now I will admit I am a TV junkie. My sister gave me a TIVO for Christmas in 2005 and I have to say it’s one of the greatest inventions for a TVholic like me. But it’s Saturday night and there is absolutely nothing on TV other than Unwrapped on Food Network. I like Unwrapped but it’s probably my least favorite show on Food Network (which is really is my favorite network-I know those of you who know how I hate to cook find this quite ironic) so I start flipping channels. And much to my delight what do I find on TV Land?

MASH! Just delightful!

So there you have one of those odd facts about me. And yes I have thought about doing a scrapbook page about my love of MASH.  Just one of those things I might should document about myself don’t you think?

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