Staying Amazed

Once again I find myself considering the power of gratitude and bringing those thoughts to this space. I’m beginning to believe all of life comes down to Grace and the daily graces.

Our campus pastor spoke recently on staying amazed by God. He reminded us that when we stay amazed by God the things of the world become really small.

Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare. – Psalm 40:5

He reminds us in so many ways of his works. Have you ever just sat still, cleared your mind and listened to the birds sing? I sit on my porch reading some afternoons. The crepe myrtle we planted as a tiny thing now reaches as tall as house and holds one of our bird feeders. Cardinals, sparrows or finches I’m not sure which, and the blue jay who stays along the edge of the yard all singing their sweet songs.

A sunset. A baby’s laughter. The courage of a son. Words that bring tears. Circumstances that can only be accounted for by God’s hand working.

How many others handiworks do we fail to stop and count as grace and give thanks?

I sometimes wonder if I’m lazy. I feel guilty for saying no or refusing to rush here and there. How many times have I allowed others to pile guilt on my spirit because I refuse to over schedule myself? When I do allow the guilt to win I don’t notice these graces. My mind too focused on the next task or demand. I can’t focus on the gifts and the giver.

I lose the amazement.

If I do not find time to see the graces and give thanks the world and it’s problems become too heavy, but when I keep a steady pace instead of a mad rush the gifts explode before my eyes. In giving thanks I’m reminded of how amazing grace truly is and the world and life’s problems shrink to miniature.

Once again I find myself amazed by our Creator.

How do you stay amazed?

Counting the Gifts
1009. For an easy night falling asleep. (7.2.12)
1010. For a cloudy morning. (7.2.12)
1011. For more distance run. (7.3.12)
1012. For not waking until six. (7.4.12)
1013. For the cool breeze so I could study on the porch. (7.6.12)
1014. For middle of the night thunderstorm and much needed rain. (7.7.12)
1015. For time spent catching up with an old friend. (7.7.12)

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