Still Small Voice

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Some days I wonder if my words, if what I write here, will be heard. I’m okay with having a small number of readers. I’m not asking this because I’m a smaller blogger. I’m perfectly okay with whatever page views this blog receives each day. I rarely ever look at stats. My writing and whatever reach it has does not define my worth.

I wonder if the voices of so many whose gentle spirits gift us with words and art will be heard, though. Or will they be drowned out by the loud and unsettling noise of society?

Rarely do I ever write about controversial issues. On the occasions that I do, I hope my words are filled with grace. I just sometimes wonder what we miss if we don’t listen to those with softer voices.

It’s easy to allow ourselves to get caught up in the cacophony of today’s political and social issues, but what are we missing through it all?  Is there something to be learned in the quiet and stillness that we can’t hear amidst the arguements and opinions?

I don’t want to be known for controversy and conflict so it isn’t often I find words spilling out on polarizing subjects. No, more than anything, I want my words and art to encourage, and give, if only small, a glimpse of Him.

I don’t know what your experience is, but it’s rare God yells at me. Usually it’s a gentle whisper.

So I wonder, if we forget to glean wisdom from the quieter voices, are we able to hear the one Voice we need to hear more than any other? With all the noise and opinions and scandals, are we able to discern that still small Voice?




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