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Many hours I spent pushing our nephew in his toddler swing. Graduating to a big kid swing pushing until he learned to pump his legs. It seems not so long ago. Now he’s seventeen.

Then as a mom and not an aunt I spent countless hours pushing my own son. Pushing as he laughed and laughed. The simplest of joys lighting up his face.

What is it about swings that bring such joy? Such delight?

Perhaps the soothing motion of the back and forth, up and down. How many naps did my son take in his baby swing when nothing else would soothe him? One of my dad’s favorite places to sit is his front porch swing. There is a comfort in a gentle swing.

Is it the thrill you feel inside as you go higher and higher? Or is it the feeling of almost touching the sky? That you can go higher and higher. Do you remember the rush of pumping your legs swinging higher and higher and leaping out of the swing? Seeing the ground you know you can jump and reach the ground with relative safety.

Life is filled with certain uncertainties. Our pastor shared a message series recently entitled Doors about God’s will. His moral will and His sovereign will. One point he made in the message about God’s sovereign will was that we can expect uncertainties.

We live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

God isn’t going to give us all the details. If He did we why would we need Him?

We have to grow in our faith enough and learn to step out in trust. If we don’t we will never know how high we can go or feel the joy He wants us to know.

We have to leap out of the swing even though we can’t see the ground beneath. The irony is that when we learn to leap is when we will find His comfort and peace.

Are you learning to leap?

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