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Be Infectious

This is good. Really good.

We Be Big by Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey

_140_245_Book.358.cover Living in central Alabama you have to be a hermit to not know who Rick and Bubba are. I was in college at Jacksonville State University, Rick and Bubba’s alma mater, when the Rick and Bubba show began in Gadsden, Alabama just a half hour drive from JSU. I can remember mornings driving to class listening to the duo. Almost everyone loved the Rick and Bubba Show. They were funny. And real.

We Be Big: The Mostly True Story of How Two Kids from Calhoun County, Alabama became Rick and Bubba chronicles their childhood years as well as their rise to one of the most popular morning shows in the southeast.

As they share in We Be Big it took a few years before they realized how God was directing their steps and that of the show. They each share memories from childhood and when they realized how well they played off each other in a Spanish class at JSU as well as much more.

I enjoyed this easy read about two legends from my home county. Definitely worth reading.

They say the show is about everything. Everything that happens in their lives is fair game, but they also are unafraid to share their faith and the difficult experiences in life.

In We Be Big they give the credit to God, as they do each day on their show, and their faith for bringing them the success they have.

A copy of this book was provided for this review by the publisher.

Meant to Be by Steven Curtis Chapman

Most of my close friend know my favorite Christian artist is Steven Curtis Chapman. Every period or phase in my life there’s a Steven Curtis Chapman song somewhere with those memories. While checking in on twitter today I noticed his new song for the new Veggie Tales video was online. And this song does not disappoint. It’s a message we all need to hear no matter our age.