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As Seasons Change

I'm joining in for 5 Minute Friday at The Gypsy Mama where you stop and write for just 5 minutes where you just write, for 5 minutes, without the pressure of getting it just right. 

Our son, also known as Squirt here on the blog, is growing up on me. I don’t blog too much these days about him. He’d rather me not. He’s living his own story to tell and I’m trying to find the balance in sharing the part that is mine while allowing him to write his own. But these preteen years are turning my premature gray hair even grayer. In all honesty I’m not exactly ready for it but I guess it will happen whether I'm ready or not. 

Conversations about girls creep up with more and more regularity. This mama's heart feels uneasy. He slips during a conversation telling me he asked one to be his girlfriend which thankfully at this age doesn't mean much but still. She told him no, that he was too good of a friend. So while part of my spirit sighs relief the other breaks for him. He struggles to deal with bullies and wanting to fit in, but wanting to be his own person. 

Yes the seasons are changing. I'm no longer the twenty something mama to a sweet strawberry blond bundle of energy and endless questions. Instead this 30 something mama is adjusting to the sight of a preteen edging closer to looking me eye to eye as he grasps at the teen years while clinging to childhood just a little longer. 

There are times…

There are times you need to embrace change.

At times you need to take a chance.

It may be time to let go of the way it's always been done.

Sometimes you need to let go of the control you only think you have.

Other times you need to step out on faith.

Or there may be times you just need to step aside.

Then there may be a time you need to step up.

But all the time you need to step back.

All the time you need to examine your own motives.

In whatever you do, are you doing it for your own glory?

Or are you doing it for God's?

These are just some thoughts that came to my mind today while thinking and praying about some situations. Situations involving myself and other situations involving friends.

(And yes, here I am after saying I'm taking a blog break, but there are times when the words just come.)


This has been much more of an introspective kind of week. So many thoughts it's hard to put them all into words.

Changes are happening.

My husband quit his job of 13 years. Today was his last day. In February his department was told they could either move to Kentucky or lose their jobs at the end of the year. While we have nothing against Kentucky we didn't feel like moving 2 states away from any of our family was in God's plan. We are incredibly grateful that he found a job here in our small city. I am not complaining. There's just always apprehension with a big change.

But there are still so many other situations and areas where I sense change coming. I don't know how to explain it. I just sense something.  Some of it I'm torn over. Some of it I would love to see happen, but wonder if it ever will change. Still other situations break my heart for the friends involved.

Whether it's how we thought things should have been or not, change happens. I'n not saying I have a horrible, problem filled life. I don't. I have a great life. I am truly blessed. Change is just hard no matter where you are.

The question is how we handle the changes. For that I'll have to let you know down the road.

Which I guess it's apt that this book arrived in my mailbox today to review. This post by Billy Coffey and this one by Grant Jenkins also played into a lot of my thinking this week.

I know. Very random and if I could share a lot of it with you it would make more sense.

So if you are still reading all my ramblings from today, thank you. Enjoy this song that has also been a huge part of my thoughts this week as well.