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Childhood Remembered

I remember Saturdays going to town with him. Town was a six mile trek and riding along with Pawpaw was a treat. I am sure he brought along other of the grandchildren on occasion. But I think he had this way of making each of us feel special so I only remember it being just him and me. I remember him buying me a chic-o-stick at a store. The store vague in my memory. A hardware store perhaps. The remainder of the Saturday trips unclear in my memory now thirty years later. Odd the things we remember. I rarely see chic-o-sticks in the candy section now, but when I do I always remember these trips to town as a little girl.

I remember sitting beside him at his old upright piano. Listening. Pecking at keys. Discovering. Roots of my love for music found with him. The music was woven into his being. A God given gift. For me it was a talent, but one requiring more work. Not as easy as it was for him.

I remember my fingers gliding over the keys. A child’s version of Beethoven’s Fur Elise I was learning. Him listening and encouraging.

I remember other things too that I would rather forget. Like the cancer.

But I’ll choose to remember the other things. The pleasant things more. The chick-o-sticks, the piano and a pawpaw that might not have hung the moon, but in a granddaughter’s eyes helped God set it in its place.

What are some things you remember from your childhood? Do you have special memories of your grandparents?

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As Seasons Change

I'm joining in for 5 Minute Friday at The Gypsy Mama where you stop and write for just 5 minutes where you just write, for 5 minutes, without the pressure of getting it just right. 

Our son, also known as Squirt here on the blog, is growing up on me. I don’t blog too much these days about him. He’d rather me not. He’s living his own story to tell and I’m trying to find the balance in sharing the part that is mine while allowing him to write his own. But these preteen years are turning my premature gray hair even grayer. In all honesty I’m not exactly ready for it but I guess it will happen whether I'm ready or not. 

Conversations about girls creep up with more and more regularity. This mama's heart feels uneasy. He slips during a conversation telling me he asked one to be his girlfriend which thankfully at this age doesn't mean much but still. She told him no, that he was too good of a friend. So while part of my spirit sighs relief the other breaks for him. He struggles to deal with bullies and wanting to fit in, but wanting to be his own person. 

Yes the seasons are changing. I'm no longer the twenty something mama to a sweet strawberry blond bundle of energy and endless questions. Instead this 30 something mama is adjusting to the sight of a preteen edging closer to looking me eye to eye as he grasps at the teen years while clinging to childhood just a little longer. 

I know it’s cliche….

I know it's cliche to say they grow up too fast. Let's face it, though. It's true. It's not something you realize as a child. You never seem to grow up fast enough when you're a kid or teenager. But once you start having children or nieces and nephews of your own this cliche smacks you in the face sometimes.

This is my niece at my wedding 13 years ago. She wasn't quite a year old. I spent many, many hours playing with her and keeping her when my brother-in-law and his family lived here. I still remember the day she was born. My husband and I were still in college, but we came down as soon as we could. He is such a great uncle and just a kid magnet in general and has been excited about the birth of all 5 of our nieces and nephews. She was such a pleasant baby. Still such a pleasant girl, young lady. 

A couple of weeks ago I posted this photo below for one of my photos of the day. It was Spring Break and my brother-in-law and his family were down visiting. My niece walked past me saying hello as I entered the house and it was one of those "smack you in the face" moments. Suddenly my sweet M was taller than me. While I've had these type of moments before with her older brother, our oldest nephew, I just really wasn't expecting it on this day. She's a couple of  inches taller than me now. Maybe more. When did that happen.

Watching her (as well as all our nieces and nephews) grow up is such a joy. She's a beautiful, confident, smart and athletic young lady. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have done such a great job raising her and her brother.

I know I'll enjoy seeing what she becomes and where life takes her. I'll enjoy seeing it with all our nieces and nephews and with my own Squirt. Their graduations, their college graduation, their weddings, all experiences in their lives I know I'll enjoy being a part of. I refuse to see all this as me getting older.

I do wish I could slow time down though. Because as cliche as it sounds they really do grow up too fast.  

Science Activity – Inside or Outside Ice?

This is another easy and simple science activity to do with your children. 

The question is this: does ice melt quicker inside or outside? You'll need 2 ice cubes, 2 trays and a clock.

Now this conclusion may seem obvious, but showing your child and explaining why will help their little brains make just another connection which is always a good thing.

Place an ice cube in each tray. Leave one inside and one outside. Note the time you put one outside and observe them every few minutes to see the progress.

Which one melted faster? The one in the warmer area or the colder area? For us, our home was just a little colder than the outside. It was a very close race, but the one we put outside did melt faster then the one inside. The kiddo had already observed them before I got the last photo so I didn't get a photo of the end result.

Colder air slows air molecules down thus the colder the air, the slower the ice will melt.