Have you ever had a moment when reading or hearing  scripture that makes you stop and say “Wait. What?”  I remember the first time I heard the scripture that talks about Satan fighting Michael the arch angel for Mose’s body.    “But when the archangel Michael, contending with the devil, was disputing about the body… Continue reading Untitled

Feeding Your Soul

Camera slung across chest I traipse through tall grass along the side of a country road. An old tree standing guard at an old country house long abandoned. My eyes searching for details yet at the same time pulling back searching for the wider angle unseen. Colors smear across the palette. Brush tips touched with colors. I brush the colors onto canvas. Another layer covering the image that did not match that which… Continue reading Feeding Your Soul

Autumn Reflection

I sit rocking. Mums planted in narrow planters at my feet. Flowers of fall gracing my porch. Feeling the cooler temps on my skin. Autumn. Fall. After  what seemed like a never ending summer my favorite time of year has arrived. I love fall. Usually here in Alabama summer fights with fall. Cool mornings overtaken… Continue reading Autumn Reflection


I walk into a classroom. A different school than where I normally substitute. Hesitant. Unsure of this new age range. This age my son seems barreling toward all too quickly. I never worried about him growing up in this relatively small population of our city. Nor have I ever questioned his place in our schools… Continue reading Innocence