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The Roads of San Francisco

I walk up and down the hills of San Francisco. Exploring the west coast city with eyes of a southern girl. My first trip to California. Fascinated by the cable cars, by the people, by the smells, by the architecture my feet carry me all over the city. Blocks and miles I walk.

A last minute trip with my sister, the perfect travel companion for me. She deals well with my motion sickness on the planes. Easy going when we explore, but can make a decision when needed. As she sits in meetings and seminars during the day I explore with camera in hand. Yes I look like a tourist, but I’m okay that. I’m pretty good with a map and I learn to get around using the public transportation. The city is mine to discover.

I walk toward Fisherman’s Wharf discovering the curves of Lombard St. I am determined by day’s end to find it. I soak in the sights and sounds and smells of the wharf. Then I turn back and make my way down Lombard in the opposite direction. I explore a couple of shops then make my way in what I think is the right direction. Noticing the quietness of this area compared to that of the business district where we are staying. More residential than business here.

This city, San Francisco, becomes my favorite. Granted I have very limited experience traveling, but there is just something about this city. Big city mellowed out with an artistic vibe.

I continue walking. Crossing a diagonal street I catch a glimpse for what I have been searching. It’s towers bright in the noon day sun. I make my way to Crissy Field for a better vantage. There I remain, alternately staring and capturing digital images to remember. My spirit wanting to keep the awe it feels. Attempting to hold on to the childlike wonder of it all.

With plans to return later in the afternoon with my sister I follow another road back into the city by the bay. Giving my legs a rest I take the muni to find the Painted Ladies.

More roads waiting to be explored in this city I am falling in love with. Yes, the roads of San Fran beginning a gradual awakening. Leading me to possibilities and dreams long forgotten.

The roads of San Fran leading me to discover the artist hiding within me.

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Golden Gate

Is there a way to describe the Golden Gate Bridge? To describe how it caught my breath as I glimpsed it down the street I crossed seeing it for the first time? Maybe it was being somewhere new and exciting. I don’t know. I do know the explorer in me was awakened. Perhaps it’s the thought a bridge can take you beyond where you are today. Moving you. Inspiring you. Taking you places you never thought possible.



Golden Gate

Now no one have a heart attack or anything. I scrapbooked. Can you believe it?

I’ve been wanting to get started on scrapbooking this trip I took almost 3 years ago with my sister to San Francisco. I’m ready to go back. I’d hop on a plane tomorrow if I could.

But alas scrapbooking these photos will have to do. So here’s the first one I’ve done so far. Will be sharing more soon I hope. Keeping it pretty simple. Thanks for looking!

Latest Paintings

I had to wait to post our latest art here since the paintings were Christmas gifts.

This first one I did for my parents. It's of a little building that used to be in a field on my great grandparents farm. They called it the cotton house.  I'm also posting the photo of it below that was taken years ago before it fell in.  All the paintings were done in oil pastel on paper.

This one the kiddo painted of Denny Chimes at the University of Alabama for my in-laws who are huge Alabama fans.

This last one I've shared before, but I never shared if or who I would be giving it to. Somehow I managed to let go of the painting of the Golden Gate Bridge which after having it framed was very, very hard. My sister and I both love San Francisco so she is lucky she got this. I'm seriously thinking I'll have to do another one for myself. So here it is after framing. I normally only like to frame our art with white mats and black frames, but it didn't work for this one and when I put this frame sample around it I knew it was perfect for it.

Two Years Ago…

today I traveled with my sister to San Francisco. There's something about San Francisco. If you've never been I don't think I can describe it for you. The artsy, calming vibe of the city was so soothing to the soul.

I'm writing this several days before it will post and by the time you read it I will be returning from a cruise to the northeast U.S. with my mom and sister.

Something about San Francisco brought out the explorer in me. I want to explore it some more with the kiddo and hubby along this time. I'm ready to go back for another visit.

But since my trip to San Francisco that Fall I always get this longing to go back when Autumn comes our way. Soon I hope I will. I've probably shared them here before, but I thought I'd share some of them again.