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Photo Friday: Spice

Today’s Photo Friday theme is Spice. The first thing that came to mind was my silver city flats from Gap. I love these shoes. For the most part my wardrobe is very neutral. Mostly browns, greys, greens with the occasional blue or pink thrown in. But these little shoes? They add a little spice. A little sparkle. My little way of saying there is more to me than you see on the surface.

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The past few months my spirit has been seeking peace. Various circumstances have stolen the quiet peace I normally know.
This past year for our son at school was incredibly difficult.  Our Squirt is a far from perfect child, but we were extremely disappointed in one of his teahers. I have kept myself from writing about it as it was happening for many reasons. The entire experience had me questioning everything from if we should look into other options for his education to second guessing my abilities as a mother. I also did not want to write in the heat of anger.

Add to that hurtful situations with friends as well as health concerns of family members and it has made for anything but a spirit at peace these past few months.  

I needed rest and quiet. So I didn’t write as much. We didn’t stay on the go the entire summer. It was so nice. 

School started a week ago. So far Squirt likes his teachers and the year seems off to a better start than last.  We received better news than we were expecting about the health of a family member. My heart is healing from the hurtful situations with friends. I feel like writing again. 

Each evening as the sun is setting or after the stars have emerged I have found myself on my porch or in the hammock. My quiet time to just be still. To soak in the stars and the nature sounds. To pray. To listen. To allow God to teach me more about forgiveness and grace. And in this quiet stillness peace returns. I remember through the gifts, through the listing of each grace, that I can trust. Even through the times of frustration we can trust.
When we remember to trust there we will find peace.
Where do you go to find peace when life seems anything but peaceful?
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Photo Friday: Summer/Winter



Linking up with xoxo, Trina for Photo Friday.

Photo Friday: Temptation

These are my temptation.

As Seasons Change

I'm joining in for 5 Minute Friday at The Gypsy Mama where you stop and write for just 5 minutes where you just write, for 5 minutes, without the pressure of getting it just right. 

Our son, also known as Squirt here on the blog, is growing up on me. I don’t blog too much these days about him. He’d rather me not. He’s living his own story to tell and I’m trying to find the balance in sharing the part that is mine while allowing him to write his own. But these preteen years are turning my premature gray hair even grayer. In all honesty I’m not exactly ready for it but I guess it will happen whether I'm ready or not. 

Conversations about girls creep up with more and more regularity. This mama's heart feels uneasy. He slips during a conversation telling me he asked one to be his girlfriend which thankfully at this age doesn't mean much but still. She told him no, that he was too good of a friend. So while part of my spirit sighs relief the other breaks for him. He struggles to deal with bullies and wanting to fit in, but wanting to be his own person. 

Yes the seasons are changing. I'm no longer the twenty something mama to a sweet strawberry blond bundle of energy and endless questions. Instead this 30 something mama is adjusting to the sight of a preteen edging closer to looking me eye to eye as he grasps at the teen years while clinging to childhood just a little longer.