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Ningxia Red & Slique Essence

I NEVER thought I would want to drink Ningxia Red every day. I mean, I was not interested in trying this stuff when I bought my starter kit. Not in the least.
Little by little though I have come to love this stuff. I joined a challenge to drink Ningxia Red every day in July. I skipped one day a couple of weeks ago while I was waiting on my new bottles to get here. A couple of mornings ago life was a bit chaotic & I walked out the door without drinking it. I regretted it all day. My mind was way more scattered. More so than usual. And I was much more tired than I have the rest of the month when I drank it in the morning.
I almost could not believe the difference the consistency in drinking it has made.
I’ve also found a new best friend. I add a drop of Slique Essence blend to my Ningxia. Why is it my new best friend?
Well let me tell you. I have the biggest sweet tooth. I am a southern girl who likes her sweets & carbs. Unbelievably my cravings have greatly diminished, and when I do eat something sweet I find myself not even wanting it & unable to eat as much of it. Seriously. For example, I LOVE chocolate covered peanuts. Like I could eat an entire bag at one sitting love. I bought some at Target & when I opened the bag I could only eat about 8 of the peanuts. And we’re not talking clusters, but single peanuts. Seriously blowing my mind. More info on NingXiaRed. More info on Slique Essence.

What I’m Replacing

I was dropping off a bottle of Purification for someone a few days ago to her husband. When he paid me he commented, “That’s an expensive little bottle.” I laughed it off and replied, “Oh that’s the good stuff.” 

But it got me thinking. At first it does seem essential oils are expensive. I get it. When I first started learning and researching them I thought the same thing. Why would I pay over $20 for one little bottle? 
Except now I realize what all one little bottle of 250 drops can replace. So I thought I would do a post and share everything I use Purification for and compare what it has replaced.
Febreeze – $5.00
Antiseptic – $4.00 – $5.00
OTC Acne Medication – $7.00 +
Wart Removal – $7.00
Bug Spray – $10.00 +
OTC Sore Throat Medication – $8.00 +
Yes one bottle has replaced not just one of those, but all of those and then some, and I would still have plenty left in the bottle. I also use it in stinky shoes & sweaty laundry. Over $40 which does not even include tax. With 250 drops of one essential oil blend, I can treat my family without chemicals for less than if I bought just those 5 things.
If you are considering essential oils, do your research and see how you can use just one oil. You will be amazed at how versatile essential oils are.