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Fence rusted and old

leans inward surrounding graves.

Mother, Father visible

Other markings faded from time.

Iron surrounding this plot

for purposes unknown.

What time has worn down

Leaves stories now untold.

Sun glints off crosses

Rusted now adorning arches.

Crosses reflecting hope

Found inside this

Simple country church.

What hopes and dreams

Had these now deceased?




Participating in the “Rust” Photo Play at The High Calling Focus¬†and at TweetSpeak Poetry.

Just Be

Just Be

Aching to deeply feel

Not only to know.

Eyes closed I sense it.

There at edge of consciousness.

I reach toward

Struggling to grasp.

So near yet unheld.

Chaos surrounds.

Life pacing swiftly by.

Soul longing for stillness.

For within the stillness

His presence I will find.

There once again

I can just be.


Words undo.

Fear, frustration,

splattered without breathing.

Searching for peace

amidst irritation.

The same that wrecks

At my own soul

Forgetting to guard

To use to inspire

To show His heart.

Soaking in His love.

Seeking His will

Instead of my own.

Committing my words

To give His grace once again.

Sharing with The High Calling Random Acts of Poetry.

Stolen Breaths

The moon glows full, bright, outside my window.

Thoughts of wonder sparked.

Questions surface from a grateful heart.

How often rushing past, breath unstolen?

Without pausing, awestruck?

What secrets those wonders might reveal.

What truths might God whisper?

Hearts unprepared, rushed.

Mysteries remain unseen.

Painted sunset, streaks of yellow, pink, orange, purple, red splash against sky.

Art, given by creator, so often unnoticed.

Rustling winds, mountains pasteled in Autumn colors,

Waves lap along stone cliffs. Jagged snow laden peaks.

He paints. He speaks.

Slowing, gazing, listening.

What of worth can I offer for the art I see?

Breaths stolen by the Creator’s canvas.

Priceless creations of only glimpses I see.

Able only to offer amidst the grace.

With only a heart of gratitude can I pay.

Covered In Dust

Covered in dust

Hardly recognizable

Do you see the person

He purposed me to be?

Where am I going?

Following closely

Listening for the voice

Even though unseen.

Covered in the dust

Of the only one who completes

When you look at me

Is it a reflection you see?

Walking so closely

In the shadow

Only glimpses of me

Hoping others perceive.

Treading along

A path unknown

Forming anew my spirit

Awash in dust I’ll be.