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Craftiness with Dollar Items

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If you're stopping by from the CSI blog thank you! My things today are very simple, but that's what I like. Quick and simple to make is the rule for me when I'm carting my Squirt to and from activities.

So this first thing I altered I used a little basket from the dollar spot at Target. I love these little baskets. This one I embellished with some ribbon and a vinyl initial I cut with my Making Memories Slice. It's a basket full of items to keep in my van. This would be such a great idea for a 16th birthday gift also and add a gas card as well. I know a couple of teens about to be 16 and I'm definitely going to be giving them one of these. You could also embellish one of these baskets with note cards and stamps and pens as a stationary basket for a bride to be or a mom to be.


This next item I can't take credit for the idea. My friend Virginia posted one of these on her blog back before Christmas I think. These trays are $1 at The Dollar Tree. I used painter's tape and chalkboard paint and voila. I used my Making Memories Slice again to cut vinyl letters.

This last project is made from those flexible cutting mats. They are 2 for $1 at The Dollar Tree. I taped it off with painters tape and used the chalkboard paint again. Another vinyl letter and a couple of paint pens and a nice little chalkboard for a child. I wish I'd thought about these when I was teaching at a mother's morning out program. Would have made great Christmas gifts for my kiddos.

The Lego Store

News of a Lego Store opening in Birmingham didn't take long to filter to my husband and son. We couldn't make it for the grand opening, but I knew we would have the chance to go eventually. While we were there for an appointment we decided to make our first visit. I'm sure just the first of many more. At least until he outgrows the lego stage; if he ever does. His daddy hasn't so I'm not sure there is any hope he will.

His jaw dropped in awe the moment we walked up to the window. Just as I knew it would be.

Seriously how can you not smile at a giant Lego?

This was one of the coolest things. There were 3 sets in the store that were marked. If you took one of the boxes and stood on a certain spot in front of the monitor it showed you the 3-D image of the set in the box.  So fun.


All over the store they had sets in "galleries". The Lego Store made out of legos — too cute.

And this one was a scene from Hunstville. I liked how they made a semi-local one.

Here is the one Squirt pines away for. I'm convinced he dreams about it. Too bad he will not get it. I keep telling him Santa has a budget and $500 is not in the budget. Yes, $500 for the kit that will build the Death Star thingamaflachy from Star Wars.

The fill a cup wall of Legos is pretty fun too. Not to mention very colorful and fun to look at.


This is what Squirt ended up deciding to buy. The Winter Toy Shop. I'm not exactly sure what that look is for. He was quite happy with his decision. Oh wait a minute. It was the frustration of mama taking another photo. He'll get over it I'm sure.

Did I mention he asked the clerk why they had to paint so much of the store yellow? Yes, he was critiquing their choice of dominant colors. Artists. They are so opinionated. 🙂

And of course he takes one last gander at the gallery in the window so I make him turn around for a photo.


A Few Photos of the Day

Sunday, October 4, 2009 – POTD – DH gives the cats treats about once a day. He teases the kitten with the treat and Dots will dance around on his hind legs going around in circles.


Monday, October 5, 2009 – POTD – Finally took the Squirt to the Lego store. He felt like he was in heaven on earth.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009 – Each month when the ladies who are a part of a Stampin’ Up hostess club meet here at my house, one of the ladies brings her two children. Squirt loves it when they come and is always so excited to see them.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009 – POTD – I’m deep into this book. Hoping to finish it up in the next day or so.