The best day.

Squirt and I traveled to Birmingham on Good Friday. I wanted to go have lunch with some Alabama Bloggers and decided to keep Squirt out of school to go with me so we could meet my sister and go to the Lego store. We also had a few other errands to run while there. After days of standardized testing I didn't feel guilty about keeping him out of school for a day. The tests drained him and he was so tired every day. I decided he deserved a fund day. Part of our trip was even educational. 🙂

It's not easy having your child at any age tag along on days like this. But Squirt was such a trooper. He only complained one time when a store was unbelievably cold. (I had to agree it was freezing in there.) He was patient during our lunch. He was such a good sport about having to check out a fabric store and an antique store and helped me search for things I was on the lookout for. All the while waiting for his fun part of the day to come at the end.  I was so very proud of him and I told him so. This is what he replies to me, "Well I wanted it to be a good day and complaining wouldn't have made it a good day for either of us."

Our plan was after all my errands were done we would check out Yogurt Mountain, which he loved, then on to one of his favorite places in Birmingham, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. He loves the gardens. He takes his camera and takes photos of flowers, plants and animals he sees. I love that he loves the gardens and to take photos. The fact that it's free is a huge plus too.

After the gardens we headed out to meet my sister and her guy and were off to another one of his favorite places, the Lego Store, so he could spend a gift card she had given him for his birthday.  After a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory we headed back home. A long, but great day trip.

He even cooperated for some photos at the gardens. I'll share more of our trip next week, but wanted to share a couple of Squirt here for his Pop. He looks so grown up in this first photo to me. He loves to jump over things like this rock so he loved this photo I caught of him. More from the sequence I took in the future. 

Hoping you all have a blessed Easter!

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