The Edible Schoolyard

Have you heard of the Edible Schoolyard? The first one, started at a school in Berkley, California 11 years ago.  In 2006, Edible Schoolyard New Orleans began at one of the city's charter schools "to promote and revive the rich gardening and culinary heritage" of the New Orleans area.

The students participate  in organic gardening classes that tie in with their academic curriculum while learning how to grow their own food and care for the land. "Through the Edible Schoolyard experience, students learn responsibility and respect for the natural world, and that hard work and collective efforts through teamwork yield real benefits in the garden, kitchen, school and in life."

The Edible Schoolyard New Orleans is supported by Emeril Lagasse through his foundation. His love for New Orleans as well as educating children about the culinary arts makes this a perfect program for his foundation to support.

If you know me you know that I do not have a green thumb. If anything I have a black thumb. I can't even grow a cactus. But I seriously think this is such an incredible program. I wish there were something like that in my area. These children will have an experience in school that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.  Through their gardening they are learning science.  To learn more about this program just click on one of the above links.

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